Mila J: She Vibin’, She Good


Lately, I’ve been hearing this new song bumping on the radio. It starts with the classic sample of Kool and The Gang’s “Summer Madness”. That unmistakable keyboard and bass puts you in the mood for a laid-back, warm and breezy night riding around with the windows down.  Then the beat skips and new baseline hits before Mila J.’s smooth vocals come in on her latest single “Kickin’ Back”.  It’s an ode to hanging out and enjoying the day.  Apparently, the song has been out since June and so has the accompanying EP 213.


I have been aware of Mila J. for awhile now, since a snippet of her song “Smoke, Drink, Break Up” came across my TV on one of those rare nights I was watching BET.  The groove of the song, the vocals, and the lyrics got my attention so I found her EP Made In LA. Honestly, it is a decent project but I only rock with about 2 of the 5 songs.  I did some more digging and found that the Los Angeles, Cali native has been around for a long time.  She danced along side Immature, appeared in Prince’s “Diamonds and Pearls” video, and was a part of a couple girl groups in the 2000’s.  Fun fact: she is the sister of Jhene Aiko.

Well, now that I’m that back in the know, excuse me while I bounce and sway as if I’ve been listening to this song all summer. wp-1467069120060


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