Things I’m Tired of Hearing Since Trump Won

It has been a little more than a week since the country watched in horror and joy, depending on which ballot you cast, as Donald J. Trump was named the President-Elect. Yes, the billionaire entrepreneur with reality show credits and a questionable tan will be the 45th POTUS. Immediately, the social world blew the hell up. My Instagram felt a little like a support group with posts implying that it was the end of the world but we can get through this. My Facebook was on 10. I do believe that 99.99% of my friends and family voted for Hillary and their feelings were hurt, they were in disbelief, and there were some that were legitimately scared about what is to come in the next 4 years. Don’t even get me started on what I saw on the major networks. By the next day, I had enough. These are the things I am so tired of hearing since the election.

1: “It’s __________ fault that Trump won!” I heard people blame racists, sexists, the uneducated, 3rd party voters, and the large majority of people who didn’t vote. The only people to blame for Trump’s win are Trump supporters (and yes, some of them may be racist, sexist, and uneducated). I think his supporters fall into 3 categories.

15025098_10154005654456179_171732286570441751_oThe first is “disenfranchised white people”. Many of them live in rural communities, love Jesus with all their heart, might not have gone to college, and used to work jobs in long gone industries such as coal and manufacturing. Trump blamed Mexicans and the Black man in Office for their pain and suffering . Then there’s the “Boogieman” crowd who feel that the liberal media is full of politically correct puppets spewing lies, forcing them to accept lifestyles that God says is wrong, and shaming them into being nice to Muslim terrorists. Trump made these people feel that he is their savior from Isis and dangerous immigrants that are lying in wait to harm their babies. The last group is the “yeah but” crowd. These are mostly Republican politicians who hated that Trump was popular but they could never truly say how they felt. The usual line was “I think what he said/did was terrible but I still support him”. This who to blame for our new President.

2: “Women should have supported Hillary.”  Being a woman does not require a vote for Hillary no more than being African-American required a vote for Barack Obama. I heard some women saying that the reason Hillary didn’t win was because “women don’t know how to stick together and support each other.” This is true a lot of the time but not so much in this case. Hillary Clinton is not a friend of a friend starting a new business that we decided to snub because we got jealous. She wanted to run this country and that required having a plan for the future of millions of people. If some of those millions who happen to have vaginas did not agree with her plan, they didn’t have to vote for her. And the trust factor does matter (although, we really trusts Trump?). Hillary has been a politician for many years and she knows how to play the game of saying the right things to the right people to get the desired reaction. A lot of people saw through that and wanted something different.


3: “Dear Electoral College, please vote Hillary Clinton into office.” Here’s a fun fact: the Electoral College actually votes for the President. The amount of votes for each state is decided by the amount of members each state has in Congress. When the majority of a state swings in either direction, that party gets the electoral votes. We saw the showdown unfold on November 8th, but according to, the members of the Electoral College will cast their official votes on December 19th. Honestly, I only skimmed the webpage but I didn’t see anything that says these votes can overturn Trump’s win if they decided to vote for Hillary. Ya’ll, we gotta let it go. He won and she lost and thems the facts. So prepare yourself to vote for any upcoming House and Senate races in the next 2 years and get ready for more foolishness in 3 years when candidates start gearing up for a 2020 presidential run.

4: “He’s going to send black people back to plantations.” cedSome jokes were made by black people before Trump won that he would send us back to slavery days. I even shared one of my friend’s post because I thought it was hilarious. But after the dust settled, those posts were in full rotation. As crazy as Trump has been on the campaign trail, he hasn’t been crazy enough to threaten us with a time machine back to cotton fields and the Underground Railroad . Similarly, I saw posts about being shipped back to Africa. Again, he ain’t that crazy.

5: “The protesters should have voted”. Disappointed citizens took to the streets several nights after Trump claimed victory and they were pissed. Protesters screamed “Not my President” and “Fuck Trump” and held various signs as they marched through LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Portland, Miami, Dallas, NYC and various other places. Several times, I heard people say if they cared so much they should have voted. I immediately thought “how do you know they didn’t?” While I don’t agree 100% with the protests (mainly because I don’t know what it would solve), I don’t knock anyone for using their 1st amendment right to peacefully protest with a strong emphasis on PEACEFUL (stop burning and destroying your own community people!) Yes, it is bothersome when people take to the highways and stop traffic. Yes, it can be annoying when people take over a shopping mall. Yes, the chanting can be cumbersome but it got your attention, right? The media noticed, right? I’m sure Trump noticed too so instead of labeling protesters as whiny millennials with nothing better to do, try having a conversation to find out why they are protesting. I am hopeful that this election can bring people together to have dialogue and start to see a different viewpoint, but I also know that ain’t happening no time soon. But never say never, right? That’s how we got here in the first place.

This ‘coming together’ thing is gonna be harder than I thought.

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