Sell Some Air

A few days ago, I learned that there are people in this world who sell air. Yes, that thing can’t always see or feel. It’s all around us and readily available. Yet there are 2 women in the UK who are bottling it and selling it for $115 a jar.

The video I saw was on my Facebook timeline and it didn’t mention whom the women were or the name of their company, but it did mention that they primarily sell to customers in China who deal with smog filled air on a regular basis. I tried to find out who these women are through a Google search and came across the original video on YouTube. The women’s names are Melanie and Francesca De Watts. Supposedly, because of how the wind blows, they can sell different varieties of air with “grass” or “saltiness” in it. The name of the company is Aethaer, but they aren’t the only ones in business.

This post isn’t really about people selling air though. It’s meant to be bigger than that. A little background on me: I had big dreams as a kid. I wanted to be the female Clive Davis or Puff Daddy and find the next big superstars for Def Jam Records as an A&R Coordinator. But that hasn’t come close to happening. I got a degree in Music Industry studies and I attempted to start a few music related businesses. I even tried to help a few music artists by “consulting” them in their careers. I’ve lived in Nashville Atlanta, 2 cities with unlimited opportunities. I always wanted to live in New York City with even grander possibilities. But as soon as I got a grand idea in my head to “take over the industry”, I stopped myself. Fear crept in and I got bogged down mentally with who/what/when/where/why/how I was going to make it work. I’d get scared that I wasn’t connected enough or wasn’t in the right places at the right time. I always felt like I wasn’t doing enough, like I wasn’t enough. Basically, I over thought the hell out of everything I did.

via Pinterest

Time would pass and the idea or business would fade. I would still have that itch to do some in the industry though so I would research various career paths and how I could find my into the industry. I drove myself crazy with these searches, but nothing felt right. Nothing made sense. Nothing felt as good as that childhood dream. I would often think about where everything took a turn. I distinctly remember sitting in class and one of my professors said “everyone wants to be an A&R”. Well, instead of me saying “fuck that I’ll do it anyway and I’ll be the best”, I thought “I should pick something different so that I can stand out”. It’s been confusion and frustration ever sense.

When I saw that video about people selling air, it stuck with me. Not because I want to run around a countryside with a net “collecting” air. But these people are doing something that seems so stupid! But it was an idea and they thought it out, created a plan and found an audience, then started to sell. I’m sure someone they know said that it wouldn’t work, but they kept going anyway. The person who always told me it couldn’t happen is in my head (not a literal person, but ya know…). She always pops up when I have a new idea or start to plan a new move. I’m working on getting her to shut up as I embark on a brand new goal that I started once also but stopped. Guess why that happened?

via Pinterest

I didn’t need this video to know that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, consistency, and determination. I already have great people in my life who serve as living examples of these traits. Of course, we can always look to the entertainers of the world for inspiring displays of #BlackGirlMagic, #BlackBoyJoy, and #Goals. History is paved with more than enough reasons to believe in the impossible. But selling air? That’s a new one and just “crazy” enough to leave a lasting impact. I’m going to try to go sell my own air. I hope you do the same.





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