What The Hashtag?

I have a confession to make. bored

I am boring AF.

I go to work. I come home. I watch TV. I go to bed. That it is literally all that I do. “I just moved to Dallas. I don’t know where to go/what to do” is what I’ve been telling myself to justify my decision to be a lame ass, but I moved here in August of last year. I can no longer use this excuse. I do want to go out and meet people. I do want to dance and go to a poetry readings. I do want to find the hottest spots where the locals frequent. I do want to get off the couch and act like a single, attractive, no-kid-having, young woman rather than a lazy, lonely, hag who binge watches Snapped (but it’s a really good show, right?!?). But I just don’t and it’s pretty ridiculous.

Now, if I’m being honest with myself, I’ve always been a little boring. I kept to myself a lot as a kid. When I started high school, I told myself “no more” and I pushed myself out of my comfort zone aka my solo bubble. I talked to people I didn’t know, I joined the step team, and I got out the house a lot more. A lot of the time, I was nervous and self-conscious but I know that pushing past that fear is what made my high school years so memorable. Otherwise, I would have been miserable in paradise (did I forget to mention that I went to high school in Hawaii?).

Yep, that Hawaii. True story.


In college, I kept that YOLO spirit and continued to push the boundaries of my solo bubble. But let’s be real, it’s so easy to be a social butterfly when you’re surrounded by people in your age range experiencing parental freedom for the first time. I knew about all the parties and all the drama. I was friends with people simply because I knew their friends. Every semester led to new adventures. On top of that, I went to 2 colleges. My freshman year was at Dillard University in New Orleans, but after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, I transferred to Middle Tennessee State University outside of Nashville, TN. I had friends hither and yon which resulted in some fun times. And then I graduated.

When the focus shifted from “did I have homework?” to “did I pay the rent?”, I started to draw back into my solo bubble. After college, I moved to Atlanta then to Dallas then back to Atlanta. My second stint in the A was very stressful, but I tried to make an effort of going to festivals, out to the club, and meeting my friends for brunch or drinks. But most of the time, I was by my lonesome being lame and boring. My main excuses were either lack of money or lack of access to my friends (one was super busy conquering goals and the other became super mommy).


So now…nothing. Just work, home, bed, repeat. But I want to change all of that because I know that life is so much more than paying bills and flipping channels. I am at the point of my life where I am searching for more than existence. I want to see the world or at the very least, see what my new-ish city has to offer. My solo bubble may be boring (and it’s cozy), but I don’t have to be. So I’m going to start #Carpeing. The main goal is to break through my solo bubble once again and live my best life. I have nothing holding me back except myself.

You can follow my attempts to be less boring on Instagram. I’ll also be posting about my #Carpeing adventures here and there. Hit me up with a comment or two about how your shift after graduation went.



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