About LC.

Hey good people! Thanks for visiting my little piece of the internet.

So, who is Latrice Capri? Well, I’m just a random girl in a random world trying to figure out my place and purpose. Much like everyone else, I spent a lot of time on social media sharing stories about whatever sparked my interest or posting comments on every day thoughts. Since I’ve always had a love for writing, I decided to eliminate the middleman and start a blog.

I write about the things I love so the main topics are music, travel and my pursuit to live a full life. From time to time, I may touch on politics, entertainment, social justice, and various other topics that pique my interest. Much of what I write is based in my opinion. You can expect plenty of sarcasm and lightheartedness along the way so a grain of salt is recommended while you read.

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook and Instagram. Warning: there’s no guarantee that it’ll be interesting but I appreciate you wanting to be my friend/follower.


Note: all pictures, memes, and media featured on this site are obtained through a Google search or via music streaming sites and ownership of the original work(s) belong to copyright holder(s) or creator(s). If you believe your work(s) are being used illegally or you want them removed, please click Contact or email LatriceCapri@gmail.com.


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